Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The Battle of Salzwedel - Set Up

Battle of Salzwedel

Start 0800

4 April 1813

Wargames Map

Campaign Background

General Poniatowski has been ordered to march south from Domnitz and take Salzwedel in order to secure his communications with the remainder of the French Army.

General Bulow is aware that Dominz is occupied by the enemy, but they have avoided his cavalry and he is confident that they will not attempt to interfere with his march on Salzwedel. His cavalry have already passed through the town and deployed on the Dominz road.

The battle starts at 0800 4 April 1813.

table at start of battle

Wargames Table

Salzwedel is the two section village at the bottom left

The road from right to left is from Ardensee to Bodentech

The road from top to bottom is from Domnitz to Kalbe

Bulow’s cavalry brigade is just north of the village on the Domnitz road

The remainder of the Prussian corps will enter on the Ardensee road on move 1

The French will enter on the Domnitz road on move 1

Both the French and Prussians will start the game on Engage orders

Prussian cavalry in front of Salzwedel

Game Notes

This the first game of the PBEM Hanover Campaign.

The aim of the campaign is to test play a new set of PBEM rules.

The aim of the battle is to test transfer from map to wargames table

Orders of battle can be found at Labels 02 and 03 on the right


Rule Note

The rules will be our standard wargames rules.

There have been no special amendments

They can be found at

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