Friday, November 19, 2010

Campaign Diary 2 April 1813

This map shows the areas where both sides have come into contact.

The Prussians have arrived at the river Elbe and have secured two crossing points, one at Werben and a second at Stendel.

The campaign opened with two French corps on the river Elbe, one at Magdeburg and another at Dominz. The Prussian crossing at Werben has forced the French to abandon Magdeburg and move to Colbitz in an attempt to contain the Prussian bridge head.

French reinforcements are known to have left Hanover and be marching towards the Rhine.

At this early stage of the campaign the Prussians have achieved their first objective of crossing the river Elbe. They must now make the most of their temporary advantage to consolidate their hold on the western bank before the French reinforcements can arrive.

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