Monday, December 13, 2010

Battle of Colbitz - Move 4

1100 to 1200

4 April 1813

Table at the start of Move 4

IV French Move First

Orders – Hold

Command Points – 5

Fire on Prussian cavalry, roll 8, 1 hit

Cavalry test for morale, roll 5, pass

Limber gun

Move cavalry back out of enemy artillery range

2 Prussian Move Second

Orders – Move to Colbitz

Command Points – 2

Cavalry brigade arrives on table

Double move towards 1 corps

4 Prussian Move Third

Orders – Hold

Command Points – 5

Move cavalry back across bridge out of artillery range

1 Prussian Move Fourth

Orders – Attack

Command Points – 4

Fire on farm, roll 10, 1 hit

Garrison test morale, fail, are Shaken

Move two infantry brigades towards farm

Manhandle gun towards farm

Rule Notes

The Prussian cavalry brigade belonging to 2 Corps arrives on the table

They will move to join 1 Corps and come under their command

Until they join 1 Corps they will roll an average dice for CP, but deduct 1

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