Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Battle of Salzwedel - Move 10

1700 to 1800

4 April 1813

Table at the start of Move 10

French Move First

Orders – Engage

Command Points – 4

Guns unable to fire, general out of command range

Move cavalry to edge of town in column

Prussian cavalry test to Opportunity Charge, fail

Deploy cavalry into line

Skirmish in town, no casualties on either side

Prussian Move Second

Orders – Engage

Command Points – 6

General moves to artillery, limber and move guns

General moves back to town

Orders hussars to charge enemy lancers

Lancers test morale to counter charge, fail

Hussars charge home on stationary lancers

Hussars win melee

Lancers receive two more casualties, total three, automatic rout

Hussars receive one more casualty, total three, automatic rout

Rule Note

When infantry brigades receive six casualties, or cavalry or artillery three casualties, they automatically rout. This is to prevent brigades fighting to the last man due to lucky dice.

In this round the Prussian cavalry won their melee with the lancers, but their single casualty brought their total to three and resulted in an automatic rout for both brigades

Rule 17 explains Morale and Automatic Routs.

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