Saturday, January 15, 2011

Second battle of Colbitz - Rearrange Table

Area covered by wargames table at the start of the battle/wargame

When I selected the wargames table I expected the main fighting to take place in the centre of the two armies, as shown in the map above. I expected that the centre of the fighting would be square 1504. This would allow space on the table for all corps to arrive and deploy.

However due to the two Prussian Poor commanders failing to move at all during move one, the French were allowed to make multiple moves. By the end of move two it was clear that the Prussians would be pinned in and around Colbitz. This would make it impossible for 1st Prussian corps to arrive on the table.

Area covered by the wargames table at the start of Move 3

So I have decided to extend the table north and east as shown in the above map. The centre of the battle is now 1606, Colbitz itself

New table at the end of Move 2

4 corps is in Colbitz in the centre of the table.

Behind them 2 corps is moving west behind the town.

To their left 1 corps is arriving from the north east.

The leading brigades of IV corps is arriving from the south

Both V and VI corps will arrive form the left or west.

From the south - left of table.

V corps is about to arrive nearest camera.

Their cavalry are covering their approach

VI corps is about to arrive just north of them

Colbitz in on the right

From the south – centre of table

Cuirassier brigade is covering the approach of IV corps

Colbitz is directly ahead of them

From the south – right of table

There are no French in this square

Directly ahead 1 Prussian corps is approaching Colbitz

From the north – left of table

1 corps is approaching Colbitz

From the north – centre of table

4 corps is pinned in Colbitz

Behind them 2 corps is moving to the right of Colbitz

From the north – right of table

V corps will arrive nearest the camera

VI corps will arrive to their right

VI cavalry are protecting the approach


  1. Hey Paul, it all looks great. One question, tho. Could you at some point, do a post on your mapping/board system. I've been trying to break it down, to work out a similar system for my own table, but I keep finding square numbers with different types of terrain (#14 is used for a square with a straight road, one with a straight river segment, a wood, an open square, and an open square with a BUA at the end of an adjacent T intersection square). Am I missing something, or am I crazy? :) Please advise :)

    Dave Newport

  2. Hi Dave

    Its quite difficult to explain, so I have done an explanation on my other blog Napoleonic Wargaming which you can find here

    If you have any questions when you have read the explanation just let me know.

  3. Hi Dave

    Not sure if that link worked. But you can find another one at the top of this page on the right. Just click on Napoleonic Wargaming