Saturday, October 23, 2010

Introduction to the 1813 Hannover Campaign

strategic map of northern Germany

The campaign is set in northern Germany and starts on 1 April 1813.

The French are recovering from the disaster of the 1812 invasion of Russia. Marshal Soult has been tasked to hold the line of the river Elbe. His army is widely dispersed but is now fully reorganized and ready for operations.

The Prussians were quick to take advantage of the destruction of the French Grande Armee. At the end of 1812 they formed a secret alliance with Russia and spent the next three months mobilizing and preparing to invade Westphalia.

tactical map of campaign area

The area of the Hannover campaign is shown above.

This tactical map will be used for movement of both armies until they come within 30 miles (two squares) of each other.

wargame map of campaign area

Movement will then be transferred to this map. Each square shows is an illustration of a 2x2 foot square which can be used to create a wargames table. The table is 3x3 squares, so any contact which results in a battle will be fought using the appropriate scenic squares.

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