Friday, November 26, 2010

The Battle of Salzwedel - Move 3

1000 to 1100

4 April 1813

Table at the start of move 3

French Move First

Orders – Engage

Command Points – 5

Poniatowski is now within command range of his lancer brigade

He orders them to charge the enemy cavalry

Before the cavalry melee Poniatowski orders his leading brigade into square

The two cavalry brigades are well matched, and if the lancers lose the melee the infantry behind would be in real danger

The lancers win the melee and drive the Shaken enemy back into Salzwedel

Prussians Move Second

Orders – Engage

Command Points – 6

The defeat of his hussar brigade is a serious set back to Bulow.

He orders his corps to advance one more move in column of attack.

His leading infantry brigade form square outside of charge range of the enemy cavalry. The corps artillery advance and unlimber beside them.

The remainder of the corps remain in column of march, safe behind the guns and square.

Rule Note

Poniatowski took a considerable risk when he ordered his lancers to charge the enemy hussars. Both sides were equal in combat ability and the melee could have gone either way. He was lucky that he scored 9 with 2xD6. Had he scored less than 6 he would have lost.

Cavalry v Cavalry combat is covered in Rule 14.

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