Friday, December 10, 2010

Battle of Colbitz - Move 1

0800 to 0900

4 April 1813

Table at the start of Move 1

4 Prussian Move First

Orders – Hold

Command Points – 3

Tauentzien has orders to hold Parey and may not advance his cavalry.

His only decision is whether to leave them on the west bank

They are currently out of enemy artillery range

1 Prussian Move Second

Orders – Attack

Command Points – 6

Yorck moves his corps forward and swings to the left

IV French Move Third

Orders – Hold

Command Points – 6

Reynier redeploys his cavalry to face the new threat from the north

He also orders his gunner to manhandle the guns into range of the cavalry

Finally forms square to protect the guns

Rule Notes

1 Prussian are taking advantage of two rules to approach Colbitz quickly

Rule 3 allows the general and whole corps a full move for just 2 command points, providing that all brigades are within 2” and carry out the same movement

Rule 5 allows multiple moves providing there are no enemy with 16”. This has allowed 1 Prussian to move the maximum 8” three times.

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