Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Battle of Colbitz - Set Up

Start 0800

4 April 1813

Wargames Map

Campaign Background

General Reynier has deployed his IV corps to hold the town of Colbitz, and contain the enemy cavalry holding the bridge over the river Elbe.

Blucher has ordered 1st and 2nd corps to attack Colbitz.

General Yorck is unable to use his cavalry brigade, who are in contact with enemy cavalry at Kalbe. The remainder of 1st corps is within striking distance of Colbitz.

General Kleist 2nd corps is at Werben when the battle starts. He is determined to support 1st corps and to this end sends his cavalry brigade ahead and drives the remainder of his corps to arrive on the battlefield as soon as possible.

The French cavalry in contact with Yorck’s cavalry at Kalbe belong to Marshal Marmont’s VI corps. They are under orders to move to Kalbe and engage any enemy found there.

The battle starts at 0800 4 April 1813.

Wargames table at start of battle

Wargames Table

Colbitz is the two section village at the bottom left

The road from right to left is from Parey to Walbeck

The road from top to bottom is from Bismark to Magdeburg

General Reynier has deployed his corps to defend Colbitz

His status is Hold

He has placed two brigades in Colbitz.

A third brigade is holding the farm to the right of the town

The fourth brigade, the artillery and the cavalry are all deployed to defend the bridge

General Yorck will arrive with 1st corps on the Bismark road at the start of move 1

His status is Attack

General Kleist will arrive with 2nd corps in the top right square

His cavalry will arrive on move 4, the rest of the corps move 8

His status is Attack

General Tauentzien has deployed 4th corps east of the river Elbe

His infantry and artillery are positioned to hold any attack over the bridge.

His cavalry are west of the bridge observing Colbitz.

His status is Hold

Game Notes

This the second game of the PBEM Hanover Campaign.

Due to campaign orders 4th Prussian corps must remain in defence.

Orders of battle can be found at Labels 02 and 03 on the right

Rule Note

The rules will be our standard wargames rules.

There have been no special amendments

They can be found at

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