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Battle of Colbitz - Move 10

1700 to 1800

4 April 1813

Table at the start of Move 10

IV French Move First

Orders – Hold

Command Points – 6

Artillery fire on nearest enemy infantry, roll 4, miss

Move garrison to edge of farm ready to withdraw

Move square back towards Colbitz

Cavalry about turn and form line

Test morale, total -1, Rout

There are no supports to test morale

1 Prussian Move Second

Orders – Engage

Command Points – 7

2 cavalry brigade still under command

Artillery fire on routed infantry, total 4, miss

Move 3 brigade into farm

Move 1 brigade towards farm in support

Limber artillery ready to move towards Colbitz

Reposition general Yorck

Move 2 and 4 brigades towards Colbitz

4 Prussian (far side of river) Move Third

Orders – Hold

Command Points – 6

No action, no enemy in range

2 Prussian (Reinforcements) Move Fourth

Orders – Attack Colbitz

Command Points – 5

2 corps moves, 16”, towards Colbitz

Rule Notes

It is very difficult to withdraw troops already in contact with the enemy.

This is particularly true for a garrison.

First they must move to the centre of the farm

Then they must move to the edge they wish to exit from

Finally they must move out of the farm

This will take three moves, and allows the enemy to cut their retreat

In this case the French artillery protected the exit

The French cavalry protected the garrison from the enemy cavalry

Table at end of wargame

End of Battle – Prussian Victory

With the loss of the farm, and one of his brigades in Rout, General Reynier orders a withdrawal towards Magdeburg. His cavalry and artillery are well placed to cover the withdrawal.

There are no Prussians in direct contact to prevent this withdrawal.

Battle Casualties

French have lost 4 infantry casualties

Prussians have lost 1 cavalry and 1 infantry casualties

Notes on Battle

IV French corps were left to face three Prussian corps and were lucky to escape with so few casualties.

With three of his corps in combat, Prince Blucher should have moved to the battlefield to take command. He could then have ordered 4th corps to attack across the river Elbe.

2nd Prussian corps was too far away to stand any chance to arriving in time to take part in the battle.

It would have been better to order 4th corps to move on Colbitz on Engage status in support of 1st Prussian corps.

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