Saturday, December 18, 2010

Battle of Colbitz - Move 9

1600 to 1700

4 April 1813

Table at the start of Move 9

4 Prussian (far side of river) Move First

Orders – Hold

Command Points – 4

No action, no enemy in range

1 Prussian Move Second

Orders – Engage

Command Points – 5

2 cavalry brigade still under command

Artillery fire (close range) on farm, roll 11, 1 hit

Garrison test morale for third hit, total 1, fail remain Shaken

Cavalry advance towards farm

3 brigade move towards farm

1 brigade skirmish with farm, roll 6, 1 hit

Garrison test morale for fourth hit, total 1, fail remain Shaken

2 Prussian (Reinforcements) Move Third

Orders – Attack Colbitz

Command Points – 6

3 corps moves, 24”, towards Colbitz

IV French Move Fourth

Orders – Hold

Command Points – 7

Artillery fire on nearest infantry column, roll 10, 1 hit

Infantry test morale, total 3, pass

Retreat garrison into centre of farm

Retreat cavalry towards Colbitz

Manhandle guns back towards Colbitz

Reposition Reynier in centre of corps

Rule Notes

1 Prussian corps have 12 pounder guns which have longer range than 9 pounder

Rule 7 shows ranges and firing rules

Reynier has ordered his corps to pull back to Colbitz.

He can do this on Hold orders, because the “Hold” applies to Colbitz, not the farm

He must do this before the Prussians are in close contact.

He is moving his cavalry to cover this withdrawal

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