Thursday, December 16, 2010

Battle of Colbitz - Move 7

1400 to 1500

4 April 1813

Table at the start of Move 7

1 Prussian Move First

Orders – Engage

Command Points – 6

2 cavalry brigade now under command

Artillery fire on farm, total 7, miss

Move cavalry forward towards enemy cuirassiers

Manhandle guns closer to farm

Move reserve infantry away from enemy guns

Reposition Yorck in centre of corps

IV French Move Second

Orders – Hold

Command Points – 7

Artillery fire on nearest infantry, total 7, miss

Manhandle guns nearer to enemy infantry

Reposition Reynier in centre of corps

Move square closer to farm

Shaken garrison of farm test morale

Total 6, make morale, become Disordered until nightfall

4 Prussian (far side of river) Move Third

Orders – Hold

Command Points – 6

Manhandle guns to river within range of enemy cavalry

Move cavalry onto bridge

Rule Notes

4 Prussian corps is on hold orders and must remain east of the river

Moving their artillery up to the river they come within range of enemy cavalry

Because their cavalry started the battle west of the bridge they may return there

All of this will make it very difficult for the French cavalry to remain in position

If they are forced to move if will be easier for Yorck to attack the farm

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