Friday, December 17, 2010

Battle of Colbitz - Move 8

1500 to 1600

4 April 1813

Table at the start of Move 8

IV French Move First

Orders – Hold

Command Points – 6

Artillery fire on nearest infantry, total 6, miss

Reynier orders his cavalry to move to the left out of range of enemy artillery

4 Prussian (far side of river) Move Second

Orders – Hold

Command Points – 6

Artillery unable to fire as enemy moved out of range

Cavalry deploy in line on west bank of river

2 Prussian Move Third

Orders – Attack Colbitz

Command Points – 7

Kleist arrives on the battlefield.

He moves his corps towards Colbitz in column of march

1 Prussian Move Fourth

Orders – Engage

Command Points – 7

2 cavalry brigade still under command

Artillery fire on farm, total 10, second hit

Garrison test morale, total 6, pass

3 brigade moves to left of guns and form column of attack

Reposition Yorck in centre of corps

1 brigade form column of attack from square

1 brigade advances into skirmish range of farm

1 brigade skirmish fire, total 5, miss

Garrison return fire, total 5, miss

Rule Notes

2 Prussian corps are more than 16” from the nearest enemy and can have multiple moves.

It takes 2 CP for each corps move of 6”

They are moving behind 1 corps to attack Colbitz itself

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