Monday, December 6, 2010

The Battle of Salzwedel - Move 12

1900 to 2000

4 April 1813

Table at the start of Move 12


Move First

Orders – Engage

Command Points – 3

Artillery fire on nearest enemy infantry, miss

Move infantry closer to Salzwedel

Infantry in town skirmish, no casualties on either side

Prussians Move Second

Orders – Engage

Command Points – 6

Artillery fire on nearest infantry column, miss

Infantry line form column of march and move towards Salzwedel

Manhandle guns towards enemy

Infantry in town skirmish, both inflict one casualty on enemy

Prussians test morale and pass

Polish test morale and fail, now Shaken

Rule Note

Both cavalry brigades are now removed after three rounds of rout

Normally a brigade has three attempts to rally

If it fails on the third attempt it is removed.

After each attempt it must move away from enemy

This rule means that you don’t have to move routed brigades off the table.

Rule 16 deals with Rout and Reaction to Rout

Game Note

Most games would now end after 12 moves

In this case neither side has won, and the village is still disputed

It was agreed to allow one more move to resolve skirmish in town

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