Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Campaign Diary 5 April 1813

This map shows the situation as known to both armies as at midnight 5 April 1813.

In the north XIII Polish corps has retreated to Domnitz having lost the battle of Salzwedel. 3rd Prussian corps, who won the battle, has remained at Salzwedel to regroup

In the centre V and VI French corps have concentrated at Welbeck, facing 1st, 2nd and 4th Prussian corps between Colbitz and Bismark.

In the south IV French corps has retreated to Magdeburg having lost the battle of Colbitz.

Both armies are now concentrated and ready for battle.

The Prussians have a small advantage as they are more concentrated and both corps involved in fighting on 4 April have had an opportunity to rest and recover.


  1. Excellent, I've been looking forward to its resumption!



  2. Thanks John

    There should be a diary entry each week, it takes that long to complete one campaign day. Unless there is a battle of course!

    Glad that you are enjoying it