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Second battle of Colbitz - Set Up

Start 0800

6 April 1813

Wargames Map

Campaign Background

The First battle of Colbitz, fought on 4 April, was a convincing victory for the Prussians who took possession of the town.

Marshal Davout was determined to regain possession of the town, and drive the Prussians back across the river Elbe. Having suffered two defeats, at Colbitz and Salzwedel, most generals would have ordered a general retreat to regroup and fight a defensive battle nearer to Hanover. Davout determined to gamble all on an immediate counter attack to drive the Prussians back across the river Elbe before they could consolidate their victories.

On 5 April Blucher ordered 1st and 3rd corps to halt and reorganize after their fighting the previous day. He also ordered 2nd and 4th to take up position at Colbitz in preparation for a general advance west towards Hanover.

Davout ordered V and VI corps to concentrate at Walbeck ready to attack Colbitz on 6 April. VI corps cavalry were to approach Bismark to threaten the Prussian communications. He also ordered the battered IV corps to gather as many men as possible and join the attack on Colbitz.

The scene was set for the second battle of Colbitz.

The battle would start at 0800 6 April 1813

Wargames Table

Colbitz is the two section village at the top right

The road from left to right is from Walbeck

The road from top to bottom is from Bismark to Magdeburg

4th Prussian corps is moving south of Colbitz

2nd Prussian corps will arrive top right on move 1

1st Prussian will arrive centre right on move 4

VI French corps will arrive top left on move 1

V French corps will arrive centre left on move 1

IV French corps will arrive bottom right on move 1

4th Prussian corps about to march south from Colbitz

Game Notes

This is the third game of the PBEM Hanover Campaign.

Orders of battle can be found at Labels 02 and 03 on the right

Rule Note

The rules will be our standard wargames rules.

There have been no special amendments

They can be found at

The quality of commander may well play an important part in this game. Both CinC are Gifted, but the Prussians have two Poor commanders. When the Poor Card is drawn the next Poor commander may not issue any orders that turn. However CinC can give his turn to a Poor commander, providing he is in base contact. So the Prussian player will be faced with the choice of using his CinC to issue orders or ensure that his Poor commanders are not disadvantaged by the Poor Card.

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