Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Second battle of Colbitz - Move 10

1700 to 1800

6 April 1813

Table at the start of Move 10

First - French CinC

8 command points

Move to V corps and change orders to “Attack right of Coblitz”

Move to VI corps

Second - Poor Card

Three - IV French corps

Orders – Hold

4 command points

Artillery fire canister on 3 Prussian brigade – 1 casualty

3 Prussian brigade test morale, fail are now Shaken

Move square to left to make space for 16 brigade

Four – 2 Prussian corps

Orders – Hold

Unable to issue orders due to Poor Card still in play

Fifth – VI French corps

Orders – Engage Colbitz

6 command points

Artillery fire on Shaken 6 Prussian brigade, miss

Artillery manhandle towards Colbitz

24 brigade advance to support 21 brigade in woods

21 and 24 brigades skirmish with 7 Prussian brigade

7 brigade test morale for casualty, fail and are now Shaken

Sixth – V French corps

Orders – Attack enemy south of Colbitz

7 command points

Artillery fire on Colbitz, 1 hit

Garrison test morale, pass

Cavalry about turn and advance towards enemy column

17, 19 and 20 brigades all advance

18 brigade test morale for Shaken, fail and Rout

20 brigade test morale for Rout, fail and are now Shaken

Seventh – 4 Prussian corps

Orders – Halt

3 command points

Landwehr brigade occupy Colbitz

Test morale for Routed 15 brigade, fail, continue to rout

Test morale for Routed 13 brigade, fail, continue to rout

Eight – 1 Prussian corps

Orders – Engage Farm

6 command points

French cuirassier brigade test to opportunity charge 1 hussars, fail

Artillery fire canister on farm, miss

1 brigade form square against cuirassiers

1 hussars advance on flank of cuirassiers

General move to centre of corps

Shaken 3 brigade test morale, fail and remain Shaken

Ninth – Prussian CinC

7 command points

Move to 2 corps and take command of artillery

Fire canister on French 24 brigade – 1 hit

24 Brigade test morale, fail and now shaken

Rule Notes

The morale of both armies is now poor, with many Shaken brigades on both sides. Any one of these could Rout and bring any supporting brigade with them.

As the two armies close there are more opportunities for decisive action. For example the French cuirassiers have moved into charge range of enemy infantry in square. But in doing so they have exposed their flank to Prussian hussars. Much depends on which cavalry have the opportunity to move first in the next move.

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