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Second battle of Colbitz - Move 9

1600 to 1700

6 April 1813

Table at the start of Move 9

First - Poor Card

Second – 1 Prussian corps

Orders – Engage Farm

5 command points

Artillery fire at close range on the farm, but fail to inflict any casualties

The two infantry brigades continue to skirmish the farm but also fail to inflict any casualties

Third – V French corps

Orders – Engage enemy south of Colbitz

6 command points

Artillery fire canister on the square but fail to inflict any casualties

Two infantry brigades advance and skirmish with the square

They inflict one casualty and the square must make its morale.

They fail and are Shaken

Fourth – Prussian CinC

5 command points

Concerned that 4 corps may miss their turn due to the Poor Card the CinC takes personal command of the artillery and orders them to fire canister on the nearest attack infantry brigade. They inflict casualties, the infantry fail their morale test and are Shaken

Fifth– 2 Prussian corps

Orders – Hold

5 command points

Commander unable to issue any orders due to Poor Card in play

The infantry are well placed, but he could use the cavalry to support them

He is unable to turn and deploy them due to the Poor Card

Sixth - French CinC

5 command points

Rides to V corps and takes command of the cuirassier brigade

They were not given any orders during V corps turn so he can do so now

He orders them to charge the Shaken enemy square

The cavalry win the combat and the square break and rout

Both the nearest infantry column and the gunners have to test morale for the rout

The gunners pass their morale, the infantry fail and join the rout

The cuirassiers now test morale to see if they pursue, they fail and have to pursue

They test again to see who they must charge, it is the gunners

The gunners are close enough to Colbitz to evade there, and they do so

This single cavalry charge has routed two infantry brigades and all of the artillery

Seventh - IV French corps

Orders – Hold

6 command points

Artillery fire canister on nearest column but fail to inflict any casualties

Garrison exchange fire with attacking infantry but again fail to inflict any casualties

Reserve infantry move forward between the square and the guns

Eighth– 4 Prussian corps

Orders – Halt

6 command points

With the loss of two brigades and the gunners hiding in Colbitz there is not much the commander can do. He orders the landwehr brigade to garrison the undefended part of Colbitz. He deploys his cavalry behind the town, but with two casualties they are more of a liability than an advantage. He then tries, but fails, to rally the two Shaken brigades.

Ninth– VI French corps

Orders – Engage Colbitz

4 command points

Artillery fire on the right hand enemy column and score a hit

Infantry fail morale test and are Shaken

21 brigade in the woods skirmish with enemy, but no casualties on either side

Remainder of the infantry advance towards Colbitz.

Rule Notes

CinC are allowed to take command of one brigade, but only if they do not issue any orders that turn. The brigade must not have moved during their own turn.

The battle is now approaching the crisis. Both sides are now in contact and a decisive result is likely. The cavalry charge ordered by Davout has greatly increased the chances of a French victory

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