Thursday, January 20, 2011

Second battle of Colbitz - Move 6

1300 to 1400

6 April 1813

Table at the start of move 6

First – V French corps

Orders – Engage enemy south of Colbitz

6 command points

Artillery limber and move forward

All four infantry brigades move forward

Reposition general in centre of corps

Second – Prussian CinC

6 command points

Move to 1 corps

Change orders to “Engage Farm”

Move to 4 corps

Note – CinC has again left his Poor commanders to deal with the Poor Card

He is concentrating on directing the battle with change of orders

Third – VI French corps

Orders – Engage Colbitz

4 command points

Artillery move and unlimber

2 infantry brigades move closer to Colbitz

Four - French CinC

5 command points

No action required

Remain with IV corps

Fifth – 1 Prussian corps

Orders – Engage Farm

5 command points

Limber artillery and move towards farm

Cavalry turn to face enemy and form line

Move one infantry brigade towards farm

Sixth - IV French corps

Orders – Hold

5 command points

Artillery fire on cavalry, total 8, second casualty

Cavalry test morale, total 5, pass

Reposition general in centre of corps

Garrison farm

Advance infantry brigade in support of farm

Seventh - Poor Card

Eighth– 2 Prussian corps

Orders – Hold

6 command points

Corps commander unable to issue orders as Poor Card still in play

Ninth– 4 Prussian corps

Orders – Halt

3 command points

Move cavalry out of artillery range

Advance 15 brigade out of Colbitz

Move 14 brigade into Colbitz as garrison

Rule Notes

The Poor Card came up late (move 7), but so did both of the Prussian Poor Commanders (moves 8 and 9). At least 4 corps got to move at last, and were able to move their battered cavalry brigade (two casualties) out of artillery range. 2 corps failed to move, but they are better deployed than 4 corps to meet an attack.

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