Friday, January 21, 2011

Second battle of Colbitz - Move 7

1400 to 1500

6 April 1813

Table at the start of Move 7

First - French CinC

5 command points

No action required

Second – VI French corps

Orders – Engage Colbitz

5 command points

Cavalry turn to face Colbitz

Cavalry form line

Remainder of corps advance towards Colobitz

Third - IV French corps

Orders – Hold

6 command points

Limber artillery

Move artillery to face approaching enemy

Fourth – V French corps

Orders – Engage enemy south of Colbitz

6 command points

Artillery fire on infantry, total 7, miss

21 infantry brigade move to woods

Remainder of corps advance

Fifth – 1 Prussian corps

Orders – Engage Farm

7 command points

Artillery move and unlimber

2 and 4 infantry brigades move towards farm

1 and 3 infantry brigades move to right of farm

Reposition commander in centre of corps

Sixth– 2 Prussian corps

Orders – Hold

5 command points

Artillery fire on infantry, total 7, miss

Move cavalry

Move 7 infantry brigade towards woods

Move 8 infantry brigade to support artillery

Reposition general in centre of corps

Seventh– 4 Prussian corps

Orders – Halt

4 command points

Artillery fire on infantry, total 11, hit

Infantry test morale, total 2, Shaken

Move 14 infantry brigade into Colbitz

Move 16 infantry brigade through Colbitz

Eight - Poor Card

No effect, both Poor Commanders have moved

Ninth – Prussian CinC

6 command points

Change 4 corps orders to Hold

Rule Notes

Once more the two Prussian Poor Commanders were fortunate to move before the Poor Card was drawn. The Prussian CinC has now changed all of his corps commander orders and is available to support one of the Poor Commanders if necessary

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