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Second battle of Colbitz - Move 8

1500 to 1600

6 April 1813

Table at the start of Move 8

First – VI French corps

Orders – Engage Colbitz

6 command points

Artillery fire and hit the Prussian brigade on the right

Prussians test, and pass, morale for casualty

On the left 21 brigade enter the woods

Gunners manhandle guns towards the enemy

General repositions himself in the middle of the corps

Second - IV French corps

Orders – Hold

7 command points

Artillery move into position and unlimber facing approaching enemy

Reserve infantry move forward between the guns and the square

Third – 1 Prussian corps

Orders – Engage Farm

5 command points

Artillery fire on farm and cause casualties

Garrison test, and pass, morale for casualties

On the left a landwehr and line brigade skirmish with farm

General moves to centre of corps

Fourth– 4 Prussian corps

Orders – Halt

3 command points

On the right 14 brigade garrison Colbitz

The landwehr brigade are still unable to clear the town

Due to previous Poor Card the infantry are unable to deploy properly

Fifth – V French corps

Orders – Engage enemy south of Colbitz

7 command points

On the right the cuirassier brigade move forward to pin enemy infantry

The infantry group to the right of the artillery and move towards Colbitz

17 Brigade are Shaken but pass morale test and become Disordered

Sixth - Poor Card

Seventh – Prussian CinC

7 command points

Moves to join 2 corps but can not help with the Poor Card

When 2 corps turn comes they will have to miss it due to Poor Card

Had they missed their turn already, the CinC could have passed 4 CP

Eight - French CinC

8 command points

No action required

Nothing for CinC to do as all corps are on appropriate orders

Ninth– 2 Prussian corps

Orders – Hold

5 command points

Unable to issue orders due to Poor Card still in play

Rule Notes

1 Prussian corps have sent two infantry brigades to skirmish with the farm. Each time they fire the garrison can reply without use of CP. If the attackers are on Engage orders they can only skirmish or musket fire. Were they on Attack orders they could storm the farm. Skirmish fire is likely to be ineffective as each side require a total of 6 for a hit. On Attack orders a decisive result is much more likely, but also more risky.

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